With some of the best design and coding experts in the industry today, TechShiv is nothing short of the top web development company in India. It is almost impossible to run a business without some form of listing on the internet. What better way to project yourself online than to have your very own website? TechShiv provides some of the best website development services India. Our experts are proficient at wireframing, designing, and developing a fully functional website for any purpose. Our extensive experience in the market has given us the ability to build both highly complicated and quintessentially simple websites.


What Does Web Development Mean ?

Web development is the work involved in developing a Web site for the Internet or an intranet. Web development can range from developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web applications, electronic businesses, and social network services.

Web development” usually refers to the main non-design aspects of building Web sites: writing markup and coding.Web development may use content management systems(CMS) to make content changes easier and available with basic technical skills.

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Full Stack Web Development Process

We specialize in developing interactive, scalable, brand-oriented, and business-ready custom web solutions. Our aim is to build profitable digital products engineered to spark creativity and boost ROI.

Step 01.

Outlining the Goal and Scope:

These two features define the timeline and the amount of work required on your website. It is essential to know the purpose of your website, and accordingly, we lay out plans on how your website should look like. Once this step is done, we then focus on the other aspects such as layout, pages of content, and features.

Step 02.

Wireframe and Sitemaps:

A team will be then assigned to work on the wireframe of the site and various links, pages, and other miscellaneous items will be made ready. This step is vital in determining if your page will have the reach it needs.

Step 03.

Content Creation and Visual Factor:

Having relevant and important content can determine the outreach of your website. Our web developers will do a thorough job to create appealing content and also make sure your website is interactive. This part involves adding effects and other colour elements to increase the visual attraction of the site.

Step 04.

Testing and Launching:

Once the work on your website is completed, it is then checked for bugs and glitches. As a top web development company in India, we run the website through a series of tests to ensure it is ready for launch. Once every check and test is complete, the website is then launched via your web hosting provider.


Whether you run a large-scale enterprise or a startup company, choosing us would be a feasible decision to develop an SEO-friendly and engaging website. Our web design experts and developers strive to research and deliver the full-fledged web development services that will bring impactful changes in your brand image.

-Dynamic and Proven Approach

-Best Skilled Web Developers and Designers

-Search Engine Optimized Websites

-Crystal Clear Development Process

-Tailored Web Solutions

-Strong Clientele Base

-Professional World-Class Support



Custom Website Development Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a look at my website while it is in progress?

Yes. We build your website on the development server and give you a username and password, so that you can monitor the progress of your website. As we believe in transparency and flexible development strategy , we welcome your suggestions so that your goals can be achieved. Once we have completed with the custom website development, you can still monitor its performance from the back-end even if it is live.

As your company has flexible pricing, do you outsource your work?

No. Since the establishment of our organization, we have never outsource any of our services. Everything is built in-house by the team of our experienced professionals. We pride in our development process and we would like to say that only a handful of companies do that in India today.

Do you also provide web design and hosting services?

Yes, indeed! We are one of the best website development companies who offer an end to end custom software solutions. We take care of everything from registering a domain name, and designing your website to building it, and thereby, maintaining it for years to come.
Our team also keeps a check on the key aspects in custom website development, to avoid common mistakes before its launch.

After the launch of the custom website, do you help in marketing?

Yes of course! We not only create a responsive custom website for your business but we can help you with a lot more services. Our main objective is to help you succeed online. We are there for the long haul. Our professionals are committed to your success and there are plenty of online marketing packages inclusive of SEO, SMM, PPC and more.

What makes your company different from the rest?

We have been into the IT industry for more than a decade. We create quality custom websites, and offer lifetime support & maintenance. Our experienced website developers not only focus on custom web development solutions, but also look for building long term relationship that you can count on. We want your business to own a powerful online presence and gain success. We are different, as we care about your business objectives, and are committed to achieve it.

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