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Online reputation management is a quintessential service for brands with an online presence. It is aimed at creating a positive public image of the brand or a business. It consists of monitoring the reputation as well as looking after the customer feedback which might damage the brand. It is all about using strategies for preventing or solving issues that could impact an entity’s reputation. 


How do online reputation management services work?

We manage and monitor a brand’s reputation on the web to present your business or brand the right way. We make sure that your potential customers have a good impression of who you are and what you do. ORM consist of multiple channels. 


It consists of media relations, blogger relations, investor relations, and influencer relations.

Influencer engagement

It consists of a response to detractors/ detractors turned to loyalists/ loyalists turned to advocates.

Social media

It includes reputation management on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. 


It includes content created by experts, employee stories, customer stories, user-generated content, reviews, webinars, videos, etc. 

Paid media

It consists of Facebook sponsored posts, sponsored tweets, fan acquisition, lead generation, and Twitter cards.


It includes charity tie-ins, community services, and co-branding.


It includes working on optimized content, shareable content, engaging content, and Google authorship. 


It includes affiliates, sponsored content, brand ambassadors, and native advertising. 


Benefits of ORM for your online business:

  • Positive brand image is important as it influences the buying decision of customers. 
  • ORM is virtual word-of-mouth, and potential customers take the reviews and feedback online quite seriously. 
  • Changing the negative opinion of people will help in transforming unhappy customers into a loyal fan.
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How is online reputation management done?

Step 01.

Audit of your online reputation

Our first step is to perform an extensive audit of your online reputation. We try to find out how people see your brand and the challenges that you are facing.

Step 02.

Establish ORM strategy

Our next step is to set up ORM goals for you. The right strategy helps in creating effective ORM campaigns.

Step 03.

Monitor brand mentions

We keep a close look at the online conversations as it gives an idea of your online presence. We set up campaigns to monitor the web for your brand and product mentions.

Step 04.

Encourage positive reviews

When you are confident about the experience you have provided, you must ask for reviews as this generation majorly depends on online reviews.

Step 05.

Managing negative reviews

We make an assessment of your negative reviews and manage them as they can discourage potential customers. We monitor reviews on Google My Business and social media platforms.

Step 06.

Create meaningful content

We create strong online content to portray you the way you want to be seen online. The content will create a first impression on your customers.

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