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With the internet and technology coming into the picture, people have become dependent on the online market. People spend a significant time on the internet buying products or services. Content marketing is also gaining prominence in the digital marketing space. Today content marketing has become a popular word in the online marketing arena. 

For a lead-based business, content marketing services can help in earning new customers and boost their sales. TechShiv offers strategic and efficient content writing services based on the specific needs of your brand. 

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Let’s understand the significance of content in digital space:

Share information with the audience
Content helps in delivering quality information to your audience. Feeding relevant content to the audience helps in creating customer engagement. It helps customers in finding answers to their queries by simply visiting your website. Customers can make right and informed buying decisions and save their time and money. Also, there is no shelf-life content.
Boost SEO ranking
Creating keyword-rich content on your website is the best way of increasing your ranking. Content and keywords with a call-to-action tone can help in earning qualified traffic to your website. It also encourages the readers to convert into new leads.
Can be shared on social media
Whether yours is an e-commerce business or not, being active on social media is a part of improving your online presence. The content can be successfully shared on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. It helps in promoting your website.
More conversions
Content in digital space is written with a motive to earn new customers. When a visitor buys your product/ service, it is known as conversion. Conversions help the business to grow. The first step to get conversions is posting relevant content. It plays a crucial role in optimizing the content page for conversions.

Stages of Content Development

Content development goes through the following stages:

Step 1:

Research and topic analysis

We first collect as much information as possible about the target audience, competitors, goals, website performance, etc. The next step is to choose the right blog topic. It is important to choose a relevant topic that readers find useful and informative.

Step 2:


The next stage is writing the content. Our team of writers comes up with excellent content for your business. Content is the king, and hence we never compromise on that aspect. Longer content ranks better and attracts backlinks.

Step 3:

Optimize and publish

After writing, the next step is optimizing and publishing. We consider word count, readability, and more to make the content attractive for the search engines and target audience.

Step 4:


We then promote your content with the help of social media. The reason for the promotion is to get more eyeballs. It also helps in getting more backlinks which is important from an SEO viewpoint.

Step 5:


Content development is an ongoing process. We review our content on your website on a monthly basis and make improvements.

If you are looking for a content writing company in India, TechShiv is the right place for you. For more information, get in touch with our team. 


Custom Website Development Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a look at my website while it is in progress?

Yes. We build your website on the development server and give you a username and password, so that you can monitor the progress of your website. As we believe in transparency and flexible development strategy , we welcome your suggestions so that your goals can be achieved. Once we have completed with the custom website development, you can still monitor its performance from the back-end even if it is live.

As your company has flexible pricing, do you outsource your work?

No. Since the establishment of our organization, we have never outsource any of our services. Everything is built in-house by the team of our experienced professionals. We pride in our development process and we would like to say that only a handful of companies do that in India today.

Do you also provide web design and hosting services?

Yes, indeed! We are one of the best website development companies who offer an end to end custom software solutions. We take care of everything from registering a domain name, and designing your website to building it, and thereby, maintaining it for years to come.
Our team also keeps a check on the key aspects in custom website development, to avoid common mistakes before its launch.

After the launch of the custom website, do you help in marketing?

Yes of course! We not only create a responsive custom website for your business but we can help you with a lot more services. Our main objective is to help you succeed online. We are there for the long haul. Our professionals are committed to your success and there are plenty of online marketing packages inclusive of SEO, SMM, PPC and more.

What makes your company different from the rest?

We have been into the IT industry for more than a decade. We create quality custom websites, and offer lifetime support & maintenance. Our experienced website developers not only focus on custom web development solutions, but also look for building long term relationship that you can count on. We want your business to own a powerful online presence and gain success. We are different, as we care about your business objectives, and are committed to achieve it.

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