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With some of the best design and coding experts in the industry today, TechShiv is nothing short of the top web development company in India. It is almost impossible to run a business without some form of listing on the internet. What better way to project yourself online than to have your very own website? TechShiv provides some of the best website development services India. Our experts are proficient at wireframing, designing, and developing a fully functional website for any purpose. Our extensive experience in the market has given us the ability to build both highly complicated and quintessentially simple websites.

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Website Development Platforms You Can Choose


This scripting language is ideally suited for server-side web development. If you are looking for a relatively advanced website that employs dynamic web page content and images. PHP is generally embedded into structured HTML.


As the single most popular Content Management System on the internet, WordPress powers a significant portion of the web. If you are looking for a website that needs to be continuously updated and can be developed quickly, TechShiv can get your website developed on WordPress.


Reusability is the key to building reusable components. It is a quick way to implement large-scale PHP-heavy projects by using an interface that allows the developer to use previously written libraries or code snippets.


Are you looking to build an eCommerce website with a wide variety of products and product categories to choose from? TechShiv harbours some of the best experts in this ultimate ‘shopping cart’ optimised web development tool.


A classic programming language that works brilliantly when integrated into a website, Java is one of the most powerful ways to build a site. If you require unique functionalities, this is your best option.

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Step 1: Outlining the Goal and Scope:

These two features define the timeline and the amount of work required on your website. It is essential to know the purpose of your website, and accordingly, we lay out plans on how your website should look like. Once this step is done, we then focus on the other aspects such as layout, pages of content, and features.

Step 2: Wireframe and Sitemaps:

A team will be then assigned to work on the wireframe of the site and various links, pages, and other miscellaneous items will be made ready. This step is vital in determining if your page will have the reach it needs.

Step 3: Content Creation and Visual Factor:

Having relevant and important content can determine the outreach of your website. Our web developers will do a thorough job to create appealing content and also make sure your website is interactive. This part involves adding effects and other colour elements to increase the visual attraction of the site.

Step 4: Testing and Launching:

Once the work on your website is completed, it is then checked for bugs and glitches. As a top web development company in India, we run the website through a series of tests to ensure it is ready for launch. Once every check and test is complete, the website is then launched via your web hosting provider.